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Suspension Servicing

It’s often a lot quicker and easier to answer any suspension queries over the phone, but if it isn’t of an important nature then please get in contact and we will get back to you a.s.a.p.

For your convenience, we can also arrange for collection of your bike from either your workplace or home. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Annual Service

An annual service consists of every component being removed, cleaned, inspected and then replaced with your manufacturers genuine products and rebuilt in accordance with manufacturers guidelines.

Your lower legs are removed, cleaned and the bushes are inspected.

A new low friction dust wiper seal kit is fitted.

The damper cartridge is dismantled to all of its components and then rebuilt using new seals and o-rings.

Manufacturers suspension fluid is replaced for the correct weight as recommended by your manufacturer.

Your fork is then re-assembled ensuring all torque values are meet in accordance to manufacturers guidelines.

A new set of genuine decals are fitted. (If available).

Price: £90.00

Rear Shocks Servicing

A basic service consists of the shocks being cleaned and degreased, checked for any wear and damage and then the air can seals are replaced, new eyelet bushings are also installed.

A full service consists of the shocks being stripped and cleaned extensively, checking correct function of all levers and dials and then all internal seals are checked and replaced, the oil is replaced and the shocks is recharged with nitrogen if applicable.

Price: Basic Service (Air Shox) £35, Full Service (Air and Coil) £70

Lower Leg Service

A lower leg service consists of:

The Dust wiper seals being replaced with the new genuine manufacturers dust wipers with foam rings or oils seals.

The damper cartridge is removed and all oil is flushed out then inspected for any wear or damage, the damper cartridge will then be replaced in accordance to manufacturers guidelines.

The spring (if fitted) is removed degreased and the heat shrink checked and replaced if necessary.

The Fork is rebuilt and the oil is replenished with the correct weight manufacturers genuine suspension fluid.

Price: £60.00

Basic Service

A Basic Service consists of:

The Lower Legs being removed, the stanchions are then inspected for any wear to the anodising.

The Foam rings are then removed, cleaned and soaked in suspension fluid (If fitted).

The dust wipers are also cleaned inspected for any wear.

The inside of the lowers are also cleaned at this point.

The Fork is then rebuilt in accordance to Factory guidelines ensuring that the correct amount of manufacturers suspension fluids are added in accordance to a basic clean.

Price: £30.00

All our work is carried out with pride, by Cytech Approved Technicians.

All repair work is quoted in advance and carries a 6 month guarantee on labour and a 12 month guarantee on parts (excluding wear and tear and misuse).

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