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BiciSupport 2 Bicycles Parking


2 Bikes Parking

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All of BiciSupport's products are manufactured and produced entirely in Italy. Since 1976, BiciSupport has been a market and industry leader for Work Stands, Measurement Systems, Displays and Supports. For 30 years, Bicisupport have been the supplier for the Italian National Team and some of the best Pro-Tour, Professional and Continental cycling teams.

A wide range of high quality spares are available for all products that BiciSupport sell so there's no cause for concern in the unlikely event of a product getting damaged.


* Parking for 2 bikes
* Rack can be anchored to floor
* Reduced footprint thanks to one bike high and one lower solution


* Height (cm): 38
* Base (cm): 66×59
* Packaging (cm): 71x44x10
* Weight (Kg): 5

Please note that BiciSupport items marked as Special Order will be a delivery time of 1-2 weeks.


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