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Bend36 Light Legs Gel


Light Legs Gel 75ml 4pk

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A part of BEND36’s post-ride collection, the Light Legs Gel is designed to provide you with an instant sensation of lightness and brings extra energy to tired and worn-out legs. The gel helps to reduce the build-up of fluids in your legs that cause that dead leg feeling. All of Bend36's product ingredients have been tested by CNR to validate that every active ingredient that goes into the Bend36 products have a valid and positive effect on your body. The Light Legs Gel contains natural active extracts which help to:

* Promote superficial microcirculation
* Reduce the build-up of fluids
* Eliminate the sensation of swelling
* Moisturise

BEND36 is a project that has been created by and is the brainchild of cycling legends Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso. Their collaboration with Alessandro Rombelli, who is an icon in the Italian cosmetics and body care industry has led to a range of products designed specifically for cyclists demanding the best.

Bend36 is a brand you can put your trust in, their products are tested extensively by international scientific research institutions and approved by World Tour professional cyclists.
ALL Bend 36 products have achieved the PLAY SURE doping free certification. This ensures that any substance banned by the World Doping Agency (WADA) is not included in the manufacturing of the product. Bend 36 is the first and ONLY cosmetic brand that can proudly boast this certification.

All the products are manufactured in Italy by Cleys, Italy’s largest producer of cosmetics. (Where BEND36 co-founder Rombelli is also an owner and CEO)


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