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Bend36 Bend36 Dealer Package


Small Starter Set

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The perfect way to display Bend36 in your shop and to kickstart sales inyour shop.

Make 42% GP and save 10% on the normal list price when purchasing this pack.

**The pack includes:**

* 8x Mens Chamois Cream
* 4x Womens Chamois Cream
* 4x Sensitive Relief Gel
* 8x Light Gels Gel
* 8x Pro Endurance Gel
* 4x Toning Gel
* 4x Anti-bacterial Detergent
* A free POS Counter-top Display to use in your shop to promote the range
* £200 worth of samples
* Catalgoues to help promote the brand

(Please note – packs of products are in multiples of 4 – so for example, you will receive two outer packs of Mens Chamois Cream – Not 8)


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