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Cycle Repairs And Pricing

For your convenience we can arrange for collection of your bike from either your workplace or home. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

For individual repair prices please refer to our repair section.

“M” Safety Check

The “M” safety check is an industry standard safety check which ensures your bike is in a safe condition to ride. It includes the checking of all bolts and fasteners for tightness, brakes for correct alignment/adjustment and a complete frame inspection.

If your bikes been lying up for any length of time or your simply not sure of its integrity we would advise an “M” safety check.

Price: £10.00

Wash And Lube

Have your bike washed, degreased and relubed (includes “M” safety check).

Price: £20.00


Datatag makes your bicycle identifiable to the Police in such a way that is virtually impossible for a thief to defeat, therefore the risk involved in stealing this marked property becomes high to the criminals who tend to avoid stealing the property in the first place.

Supplied fitted and registered.

Price: £30.00

General Service

Our General service includes our “M” safety check, in addition we will:

  • Replace all inner gear cables and outer casing.(OUTER IS SHIMANO SP41 (SLICK SHIFTING) and inner cables to (STAINLESS STEAL SHIMANO)
  • Replace brake inner cables and outer casing
  • Check and adjust wheels (hubs and spokes).
  • Check and adjust headset.
  • Check and adjust brake pads/blocks for alignment/wear.
  • Check and adjust rear derailleur alignment.
  • Clean degrease and re-lube whole bike

A general service is recommended every 3 to 9 months (dependent on use).

Price: £35.00 + parts (we will always advise in advance).

Full Service

Our Full service includes our “M” safety check and General service, in addition we will:

  • Strip to frame wash and check alignment.
  • Face and chase BB.
  • Clean and grease headset.
  • Degrease and relube chain.
  • Check chain and cassette for wear.
  • Replace chain and cassette if necessary.
  • Degrease/regrease cup and cone bearings.
  • True Wheels.
  • Replace tyres and tubes if necessary.
  • Replace all cables and outer casing for shimano sp41 and stainless steal cables.

A full service is recommended every 12 to 18 months for those who use their bike heavily.

Price: £75.00 + parts (we will always advise in advance).

All our work is carried out with pride, by Cytech Approved Technicians.

All repair work is quoted in advance and carries a 6 month guarantee on labour and a 12 month guarantee on parts (excluding wear and tear and misuse).

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